Wednesday, August 21, 2013

We are so thankful to all of our beloved supporters, prayer partners, churches and  colleagues  in the ministry of the Word of God, for your sacrificial financial assistance  and sincere prayers being  extended towards Truth  and freedom Ministries in Asia.
We humbly request each one of you to have a look at the below report of Truth and Freedom Ministries.


Recently we advertised our Postal Bible Courses in the News paper and nearly 75 people from different walks of life enrolled to study God's word. They represent most of the Christian denominations, in addition to Hindus and Muslims. Two young guys from the state of Andhra Pradesh   and Bangalore are interested to know more about Jesus Christ. A middle aged man who is taking rest at home after his bypass surgery has completed our postal Bible Course. He has phoned me  and expressed his gratitude for giving him such a wonderful opportunity to study God's word while he is at home .It is most important to advertise our postal program from time to time to connect unsaved people to our Bible Courses. In fact we have to invest our money for putting advertisement for a big harvest. Moreover we attend each phone call from all over India and take down their postal addresses and send them lessons via postal mail. I thank the Lord for the technology of cell phone which is a faster and convenient way to get connected with people. Two weeks back I have mailed application forms to nearly 200 young people who are in the age group of 13 to 20.Please pray for these young guys for successfully completing our postal course.


Very recently we held a one day conference for the children. They were between 10 to 21.The program was so successful. 130 children participated in the one day program. Our theme was," We are the workmanship of Jesus Christ" based on Ephesians 2:10. Half of them were Hindus.60 children filled out the response card and handed over us. Most of them have decided to live for Christ. Please pray for their parents too. We have connected all of these children with our correspondence Bible course. This is the importance and relevance of paper missionaries. I request all of you to pray  and get involved with this tremendous ministry of Truth and freedom. 


Recently we have printed 20000 copies of my gospel tract in Malayalam for the distribution among the alcoholics. Alcoholism is a big social and family problem in our state Kerala. I have approached this issue in a Biblical point of view and invite people to receive Christ. Please pray for  God's intervention as people read this Gospel tracts.


For the month of June we received 23 seekers approached us and we have sent the course immediately for them. In the month of June eighteen students completed the course and we sent certificates to all of them by post. In this month 22 students completed the course and we sent certificates by post. 


 We have 10 more new enrollments and the students are learning the eternal truths in the Scripture.


Right now 105 had enrolled in Truth and Freedom in Ukhrul. About 60 people had completed the course.


25 people have enrolled for our Bible course in Nepali language.

1.    For the printing of Gospel Tracts
2.    For the One Day Program of Youth
3.    For the recent enrollments
4.    We are recovered from Fever

1.    For the upcoming T&F graduation on 19th October in Kerala and the funds to meet the expenses of it. We trust the Lord to provide us $500 for holding the graduation service. We will have opportunity to speak to our graduates and challenge them to stand and witness for Christ. You can help us with this program, if the Lord speak to your heart

2.    For the Hindi T&F Ministry.

 James and Dali Varghese
Directors for Asia Truth and Freedom Postal Bible Schools