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About Us

 James & Dali Varghese

James Varghese is the Director for Vision2020's Truth and Freedom Postal Bible Course, a mail study course written by Dr. Eugene Gurganus and translated into many Asian languages by IGM and Vision2020 National Church Planters. 

The course is currently published in English, Telugu, Tedin Chin and Malayalam (Myanmar). It has been translated in Nepali and Tamil and these courses are awaiting funds for printing. 

Pastor Varghese also sets up Bible studies and home church groups for students of the course who desire more information. The ministry is in need of a permanant building for the T&F Headquarters.

UPDATE - India 7/27/12

Our heartfelt warm greetings to all of our supporters and prayer partners. We thank you for your financial assistance, prayers and encouragement to continue our very effective ministry of paper missionaries in the Indian soil, as well as Nepal. The Lord is enabling us to reach out to hungry souls with the claims of Christ and true teachings of the Word of God.

Truth and Freedom Bible course in the Malayalam language is on the road of success. Recently a few Hindu young ladies enrolled to undertake our Bible course because of the efforts of my wife, Dali. A couple from Rajasthan (one of the North Indian states) are also doing this study. An elderly Roman Catholic man has just completed studying the T&F course. Two Hindu officers have also finished studying our Bible course successfully. Please pray for the students who have completed the Bible course.

A few students are doing the English language T&F from the state of Punjab and some students have just enrolled from Bangalore. These days we have a great demand for lessons from Ukhrul in Manipur. Recently a number of people have received Christ as the result of our evangelistic meetings held at different places in Manipur. So far, 225 have enrolled in Truth and Freedom. More are coming to enroll. So far we have shipped 6,750 lessons to Ukhrul and we will be shipping  more lessons in the coming days. Please pray for all the students who enrolled.

29 students are enrolled and 30 students have completed the Bible course. Please pray for the Hindu nation of Nepal and our ministry among Nepali people.

40 have enrolled and 20 completed the Bible course.

36 new seekers joined in April and May. 48 students have completed the T&F Bible course in Telugu and received their certificates very recently.

Praise Points:
  • We were suffering from a viral fever, but are now healed.
  • Our son Johan was promoted to 5th grade and his school reopened in the first week of June. Our little one, Hanok, started his first school from June onwards. He was three and half years old in June. Both are doing well by God's grace.
  • Our T&F Fellowship is growing.
Our Prayer Points:
  • Please pray for the evangelization of Hindu High castes and Middle classes. 50 percent of the Indian population is now below 25 years old. Now we need to impact them with our Bible course. Please pray for this goal to be achieved.
  • School fees for our children for the academic year 2012-2013 total $600. This is still due; however, we were able to buy text books, uniforms and other articles related with school. Please pray for the needed funds to pay school fee as early as possible.
Our Special Thanks
Beloved Newburg Berean Bible Church, we thank you so much for your love gift for our ministry. We acknowledge it as a great partnership in the ministry. We love you in Christ. Also we are so thankful to IGM and Vision2020Asia for their wonderful service and help. We love all of you in Christ.

James and Dali Varghese
Director, Asia Truth and Freedom Postal Bible Schools

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